Strategies to Combat Climate Change: Wedge Series

The Carbon Mitigation Initiative is a joint project of Princeton University, BP, and Ford Motor Company to find solutions to the greenhouse gas problem. To emphasize the need for early action, Co-Directors Robert Socolow and Stephen Pacala created the concept of stabilization wedges: 25-billion-ton “wedges” that need to be cut out of predicted future carbon emissions in the next 50 years to avoid a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide over pre-industrial levels. Many strategies available today can be scaled up to reduce emissions, and by embarking on several of these “wedge” strategies at once, the world can drastically help solve the carbon problem. The strategies include things like efficiency, solar, biomass fuels, natural sinks, etc.

In 1999-2000, BP runs an internal, U.S. based competition for a research initiative in carbon mitigation. In 2000, BP and Ford Corporation jointly announce the formation of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative at Princeton University to develop new approaches. BP and Ford make funding commitment, totaling more than 20 Million dollars over 10 years for research and development.

Each of the 15 “wedge” strategies has the potential to reduce global carbon emissions by at least 1 billion tons per year by 2060, or 1 wedge.

The Wedge Series assumes compliance from multiple agencies which all have their own role to play and agenda in reducing CO2 emissions.




























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