December 14, 2011

My spiritual cousins, The Birdwatchers

This sounds like a pretty neat group art exhibit about observing nature.  It’s called “The Birdwatchers.”  Opened not too long ago in some fancy gallery in New York City.  It’s gonna be going on until January 22nd.

On display. Makes you think.

First off, did you know that people who’re bird watchers actually call themselves “Birders”?  Well, they do.  Insider jargon, I guess.

The equivalent doesn’t really work for ship spotting, because then I’d be calling myself a “shipper,” which really just reminds me of a FedEx label.  Not much romance in that.

Anyhoo, I liked something they said about their art show:

Artists have always used nature, as subjects of inspiration or objects of manipulation. Art that engages nature can establish connections to a wide range of scientific, historical and philosophical concepts. Advances in biological and telecommunication technology make our interference with natural systems both sophisticated and substantial, modifying the way we look at and represent nature. It is human nature to compare, describe, and sort in order to form our own explanations of the world. We strive to acquire better understanding, prognostication, and control of our surroundings. But is there a purpose to observation if action is not taken?

Interesting points.

That said, I wish somebody would make an art exhibit called “Ship Spotters.”  Maybe they could serve some nice piping hot Sanka and make everybody wear slippers as they walked around.

I can dream…




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