September 20, 2011



World traveler.


There’s nothing that makes me happier than staring out at sea, so imagine how tickled I was when I heard about this book.  It’s called Moby-Duck (heh heh) and it’s about this writer guy who went on a quest to find out everything he could about a shipping container full of thousands and thousands of rubber ducks that got lost at sea.  

Donovan Hohn is the author’s name.  He called his book Moby-Duck because just like in Herman Melville’s novel, his search became all-consuming. Before Hohn knew it he left home for a 51-foot catamaran (cute but not really my kinda craft), running into all sorts of characters like arctic researchers and nutty sailors, looking into the murky worlds of shipping conglomerates (I’m not saying a word) and Chinese toy factories.  I think about a flotilla of rubber duckies crossing the Arctic and I have to chuckle.  I wish I’d spotted them, but they never made it into my range of view. 

Slightly jealous though I might be of this Hohn fellow, I’m more than happy to let him do the sailing himself and read about his exploits from the comfort of my study with a nice cup of Sanka and my sheepskin slippers on.  It really is a helluva read.  Makes you realize how random life can be.  And it’s funny.

I told my online buddies about it and some of them read it.  We liked the trailer Hohn put up on his promo site too.  Good visuals, especially the computer-generated 3-D visualizations of a cargo ship getting tossed about in a stormy sea. 

Welp, gonna go play Solitaire on my computer now ‘cause it’s foggy and I can’t see squat.

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