January 10, 2012

You’re least responsible? Here’s the worst deal.

Some people at McGill University (known to some as the Harvard of Canada — but I call Harvard the McGill of the States) recently figured out what a lot of environmentally-oriented folks have suspected for a while now: the people in the world who’re most vulnerable to bad stuff happening from climate change are those least responsible for causing it. GOOD magazine wrote about it, which is a pretty, uh, good publication if you ask me.

They made this thing called the Climate Demographic Vulnerability Index, — yup, the CDVI — to show which areas of the world are gonna be in the most trouble as population increases and temperatures rise, even just a little bit.

Basically, the hottest places will only get hotter, which’ll make it harder to grow food.  Places like Somalia, for example.  As populations, of course, get bigger and bigger.

Unfair?  What isn’t.  Just hope somebody’s paying attention on the world scale who cares about making things even a little bit fairer.

I know I sound like I’m down in the dumps, but this kinda stuff really chaps my butt.

Meantime, I guess I better ditch those plans to move to Somalia and stay put here at the store.  (Twist my arm, why don’cha.)  Easier to watch the icebergs melt up here anyway.

Dang, somebody better cheer me up.

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