February 24, 2012

If you could bring back any extinct species, which one would you choose?

One of the big issues addressed by The Great Immensity is that of extinction. We want to know: if you could bring back any extinct species, which one would you choose? (No, you can’t choose all of them!) Leave your answers and justifications in the comments!

Here are a few suggestions mentioned in the show to get you going:

The Dodo Bird
The Dodo

The Great Auk
The Great Auk

And of course check out our music video “Martha” about the last passenger pigeon and last member of a species of lemur in Madagascar to live before their species went extinct. Also think about insects, plants, and parasites that, even though they’re small, can have a big effect on their ecosystems!

6 Responses to If you could bring back any extinct species, which one would you choose?

  1. Rosalind says:

    I would have to say the Western Black Rhino. I know it’s not like, the base of any ecosystems or anything, but they JUST went extinct this year!


  2. Mixal says:

    Hey, that lemur is not extinct AFAIK! I’d love to revive that big flightless bird which lived on Madagascar, Barbary Lion, parrots and the mammals of the Caribbean, Quagga, Tasmanian tiger of course… I can’t choose just one species. But, if I could save one animal from extinction, it would be Mediterranean monk seal!

  3. Nicole says:

    These videos of an extinct Tasmanian Tiger called a Thylacine and an extinct Imperial Woodpecker have burned into my memory. There is something about seeing a video of them alive walking (or flying) around that magnifies the loss.



  4. Kate says:

    Though it would be AWESOME to have something like the Panamerican Ground Sloth back from the Jurassic, I’d be happy with something simpler and less obtrusive like the Golden Toad. This species was found in Costa Rica, last seen in 1989. According to the IUCN Red List, “Its restricted range, global warming, chytridiomycosis [fungal disease currently decimating amphibian populations worldwide] and airborne pollution probably contributed to this species extinction.” I think that suite of threats is representative of the many challenges we’ve provided for wildlife populations worldwide, anthropogenic threats we should do our best to mitigate.

  5. Ina says:

    A Republican conservationist

  6. The Great Immensity says:

    From @RHandTSC on Twitter: “passenger pigeon. Tho I may be biased.”

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