March 2, 2012

Skype Interview with Dan Domingues, Actor in The Great Immensity

The next interviewee in our Skype Interview Series is Dan Domingues, a Civilians Associate Artist and an actor in The Great Immensity at Kansas City Repertory Theatre! He’s been with the project since its first reading at Princeton (that The Civilians did through a cross-disciplinary residency in the Princeton Environmental Institute and the Atelier). Hear his insights into the development of the show, and how working with this material has affected his commitment to the environment!


Interview conducted by Alix Lambert. Alix Lambert is an artist, author and filmmaker. She is an Associate Artist of The Civilians and is conducting this ongoing series of interviews for The Great Immensity. Please click HERE for more of her interviews in this series!

2 Responses to Skype Interview with Dan Domingues, Actor in The Great Immensity

  1. Paul says:

    Why isn’t there a link on the KC Rep web site to yours? I would liked to have seen your site before seeing th

  2. Jamie Martin says:

    My students attend an International school in Chengdu, China. We are researching environmental issues from around the world. Next week (March 19th – March 23rd) we will be celebrating international week at our school. Our goal is to bring some awareness to various environment issues. Our class represents many countries from around the world including the United States, India, China, Sweden, France, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, England, and Japan. I feel my students could benefit, as a group, from speaking and interviewing you. Would it be possible to set up a time during our school day to skype with you next week?
    Thank you very much!

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