October 21, 2011

How to Be a Climate Hero

I like this article from Orion Magazine a lot.  It’s by a woman named Audrey Schulman who tries to make us snap out of it and take action on the environment. And how an incident on board a train with a little boy and his epileptic mom actually illustrates the point perfectly.

Uhhhhhhhhhh... somebody do something!!!

She thinks people don’t do anything because of a phenomenon called the Bystander Effect, which means people are passive because everyone else is too. She says,

We bustle about our normal lives, assuming it can’t be as bad as it seems because surely, then, everyone would be marching in the street about it.

She talks about realizing how urgent it is to protect the Earth after her first child was born.  And she says she’s cut her family’s carbon emissions by 50%.

Even though it took her becoming a mom to do it, she woke up and did her part.  Good job, Audrey.

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