October 12, 2011

Get some “Bright Ideas”


I hear the U.S. government’s trying to ban incandescent light bulbs, but the American citizens don’t like it.  Freedom of choice and all that.  Now, if you ask me, they got too much choice.  Thirty-six different kinds of cereal in every grocery store?  That’s just crazy.  But I digress.

Anyway, everybody knows that there’s these new lightbulbs, more energy-efficient and all that, but people don’t buy ‘em ‘cause they’re more expensive, even though they last longer.  Or they don’t like the light they give off.  Now me, I’m always happy to buy a quality product that saves me money in the long run and helps save energy.  We got ‘em at the general store and the hardware store in town.  Once you seen a polar bear floating around on a loose block of ice, you’re gonna buy the energy-efficient light bulb, ‘cause if not, then you’re just kinda bein’ a rebel for no reason, in my opinion.  Maybe they oughta put a picture of a polar bear on the new lightbulb packages.  Seems to me most folks respond better to animals than people.  Just sayin’. 

When the first energy-efficient bulbs came out, truth be told, the light they gave off was kinda creepy.  I put one in my kitchen and I wasn’t sure if I was at my dinner table or at the morgue.  Just sayin’.  But now they got all kinds, and they look a lot nicer.     

My pal who’s an electrician forwarded me this thing, which has lots of good info about the different kinds of light bulbs.  Maybe they should put this at the WalMarts and the Home Depots down in the States for all the people who don’t see what we see up here.

One Response to Get some “Bright Ideas”

  1. David says:

    I was a big believer in CFLs until I heard about the potential dangers in your home if one breaks. The State of Connecticut warns, among other things, that pregnant women and children should leave the room where one breaks and that if it breaks on a carpet you should cut out and remove the carpet where the break occurs (www.ct.gov/dph/lib/dph/cfl_fact_sheet_final.pdf).

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